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Things to know about Rick Riordan

Things to know about Rick Riordan

The man behind our all-time favorite novel series – the Percy Jackson series – Richard ‘Rick’ Riordan is indeed a stellar writer. The basic idea around which this story revolves itself is so intriguing and captivating that no matter what the age group, you won’t ever fail to be mesmerized by this beautifully scripted work of literature. And here are a few facts about Rick Riordan – you ought to know the story behind this man of words:



  • Rick Riordan was a budding writer since a very young age – he loved writing and published a story at the age of 13! And although he didn’t get instant fame, he preserved and made sure he kept in touch with his passion for writing until one day the world finally knew his name.
  • The date June 5th which is also Frank and Grover’s birthday in the series, actually holds a lot of relevance in the personal life of Rick Riordan – June 5th is Rick’s birthday which he shares with his wife, Becky. It also happens to be the date they both got married! This and a lot of other personal references from the author’s life reflect in the Percy Jackson series.



  • The way the very foundation of the Percy Jackson shaped up itself is interesting – Rick’s son Haley was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a little kid. And Percy noticed one thing about his son – he was interested in mythology. And this leads to Rick narrating a totally made-up story about Percy Jackson, the hero of this story. And Haley was so impressed by this story, that it was he who coaxed his dad to write down the story – that’s how the world got to see the face of this hit story!
  • The Percy Jackson series revolves entirely around Greek Mythology – with the main characters and their backgrounds drawn from the heroes in Greek Mythology.


  • Despite being the geeky author he was, there was a fun side to this author too – he was part of a cool rock band also! Never underestimate these wired, creative brains!
  • Before being a full-fledged author, Rick was a high school and middle school teacher. He taught English and History in San Francisco, before giving up teaching to dedicate his life to his full-time to his passion for writing.
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