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Facts about Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Facts about Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Book-a-holics out there- This one’s for you! You may have grown up reading the Percy Jackson series, yet, there are some facts about it which we’re damn sure you won’t know despite having read those books many times! Here are a few facts about Percy Jackson and the Olympians which we’re sure will surprise you – read on:

  • While most of the Percy Jackson fans must be avid seafood lovers, a specific chapter in the books have mentioned Percy’s disgust at sea food – he just couldn’t tolerate seafood, so much so, that he would vomit immediately at the slightest smell of it!
  • Percy isn’t really great at climbing – he has the record to of falling the highest number of times while attempting to climb the lava wall!
  • Percy ahs the best way to cool his anger down – walk right down into the canoe lake, sit there for a while and then emerge just like he was before he got pissed! And Annabeth waited – with a canoe!
  • Percy loves things which the rest of the world may find funny – remember that stuffed Nemo plushy which Piper got for him when she visited Disney Land? Well, it was meant to be a joke from her side, but Percy just loved it! In fact, he hugged both Piper and Jackson for giving him this souvenir from Disneyland. And yes, he sleeps with it every single day!
  • Cuddling is Percy’s solution to tackle any nightmares! When the nightmare about Tartarus awoke he and Annabeth, Percy had a straightforward solution to put them both back to sleep from the state of shock – to cuddle with Annabeth! And boy, did Annabeth knew what Percy loved!


  • Percy has the most peculiar blush – the one that rises from his cheeks to spreading to his neck! And all this at the sight of Annabeth! A hopeless romantic, our dear Perce!
  • Percy’s love for strange stuff doesn’t end at the stuffed Nemo plushy – this also includes the green and blue embroidered jacket, with a trident – which Hazel gifted him. And this jacket is with Perce everywhere he goes! He just loves wearing it!
  • And while we’re talking about Percy’s weird taste – how can we skip how he fell for the blue hair prank, the one which the Stoll brother’s played on him? Well, after ruining Percy’s hair with those blue highlights, the Stoll’s were prepared for a backlash; instead, they got a warm hug and a huge flashy smile from Percy!
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