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If Percy Jackson Was A Gambling Movie (Manuscript Ideas)

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If Percy Jackson Was A Gambling Movie (Manuscript Ideas)

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Okay so.. the story of Percy Jackson, as written by Rick Riordan, already had all the makings of a great book to film adaptation. A huge following, a thrilling, entertaining storyline, and characters that were relatable despite their mythological aspects.

Rick Riordan crafted such a brilliant story that it almost feels wrong to stray from it in any way when creating a box office hit. Still, it’s at least fun to imagine the possibilities of seeing demigod Percy Jackson transform into a character that tackles even more than Rick has already imagined for his fantasy character.

Take a look at the trailer below for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. You’ll likely notice right away that there is no shortage of action and adventure.

Naturally, we can’t help but wonder, what if the next Percy Jackson movie strayed from Rick’s already brilliant storyline, only to make room for an enticing added plot-line: gambling.

Successful Gambling Movies

Before you brush off a gambling-themed Percy Jackson movie, consider how popular and successful gambling as a hobby, as well as a movie theme, have been.

By the start of 2019, the gross worldwide gambling market yield was nearly USD 500 billion. According to gambling.net, nearly 75% of adults in the UK occasionally partake in gambling and approximately 80% of American adults have gambled in the last year. The popularity of online gambling continues to rise across the globe according to the casino portal theopengamingsociety.org. With greater access and more options, the gambling industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Not too surprisingly, the world’s affinity for gambling made its way onto the big screen. The popular Ocean’s film series, some of the most popular gambling movies to date, raked in impressive earnings at the box office for each movie, supporting the idea that gambling is a popular and successful movie theme.

successful gambling movies

Ocean’s Eleven $450,717,150 (US)
Ocean’s Twelve $362,744,280 (US)
Ocean’s Thirteen $311,312,624 (US)
Ocean’s 8 $291,755,376 (US)
TOTAL $1,416,529,430 (US)


That’s more than USD 1.4 billion for a single gambling film series!

Additionally, as you can see on videospelautomater.com, some of the most popular games in online casinos are fantasy and adventure-themed. It is a genre that movie fanatics, gamers, and book lovers are all passionate about.

Now, imagine the possibilities if you were to combine the popularity of gambling with the success of the Percy Jackson series to create the latest, and potentially one of the greatest, gambling movies. Movie-goers worldwide are thirsty for a new gambling movie and what better way to give them one by adding to an already-familiar and successful storyline.

Percy Jackson As A Gambling Movie

percy jackson casino games

As you can see on videospelautomater.com, some of the most popular games in online casinos are fantasy and adventure-themed, so integrating gambling into a fantasy-themed movie should actually be relatively seamless. Here are a few ideas we have come up with.

  • Percy Jackson must take on an opponent in a high-stakes poker game to win control over a valuable object, i.e., Persephone’s pearls or a beloved captive
  • An evil villain chooses a Las Vegas casino and its machines to hide his treasure and Percy Jackson must navigate the casino to uncover the treasure.
  • An evil villain uses mind control techniques to steal winnings from gamblers and Percy Jackson must put a stop to it and give the innocent people back their valuables.
  • A casino is overtaken by the mob. Percy Jackson goes to work defending the innocent and saving civilians before they are swept up in the thievery, lies, and life-threatening danger at the hands of the mobsters in charge.

Surprisingly, or not too surprisingly depending on your opinions of the film industry, there aren’t a lot of fantasy-adventure movies with gambling thrown into the plot. What better time to change that than now?

Sure, many of the proposed storylines mentioned above stray from the books. But not only are the plots intriguing, but they have the potential to transform Percy Jackson into the next favorite superhero. While staying true to his powers as they are described in the book, and utilizing them in ways similar to what we have already seen onscreen, Percy Jackson can be given more relatable, real-world challenges. This allows the viewer to develop a deeper connection with the character, while still seeing him as the remarkable super-powered demigod he is.

Fans Are Ready For A New Percy Jackson Movie

According to a “Teen Vogue” article from 2018, Percy Jackson fans desperately want another movie adaptation for the series. As mentioned in the article, fans were somewhat disappointed with the first two Percy Jackson movie adaptations and have been left craving one that is bigger and better.

With such a successful book franchise, it would be a shame to leave potential film works in the dust. Perhaps a new twist on the storyline, entirely made for the big screen, is what fans deserve. Plus, with the added gambling theme, doors will be opened to invite new fans to hop onboard the Percy Jackson caravan.

Given that only two Percy Jackson movies have been created so far, it leaves plenty of material and anticipation for more, and potentially vastly different, onscreen adaptations. With the right marketing campaign, a gambling-themed Percy Jackson movie could be a huge hit.

It’s also worth mentioning that movies are enjoyed in vastly different ways than they were even five years ago. With streaming services like Netflix, there is a bigger platform than ever before for a movie to become a great success.

Perhaps it’s time for directors to take another look at Percy Jackson and consider shining it under a differently-themed spotlight, while sticking to the same fantasy-adventure storyline loyal fans have enjoyed for more than a decade. It’s a challenge worth undertaking, and one that no doubt will earn the success the Percy Jackson story deserves.

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