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Life lessons from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Life lessons from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

A true reader is one who gets entirely into the book he reads. He’s the one who isn’t able to let go of a book because he can relate to the book so much that he resonates with the character so much that he begins imagining himself in the storyline. And after he’s done with the book, he is left with so many lessons which he learned from the book, which he knows he can implement in his every day life when he requires it.

And friends, the Percy Jackson series is no exception here. The innumerable lessons which Percy Jackson teaches us to form part of the reasons why Percy Jackson series should be introduced to children at a young age itself – here are those lessons:

  1. True friendship is rare and hard to find. And it’s not that your closest friends won’t hurt you, but they will attempt to repair the relation rather than just abandoning you. And yes, just like all relationships, it takes a lot of effort to keep a friendship alive too – never take your friends for granted and never give up on them.
  2. No family is perfect – we all have our ups and downs, problems and challenges. Our worries don’t define us, but how we tackle our worries them together is what defines us. And we may fall, falter, hurt each other in the process, but at the end of the day; you won’t give up on each other – because you were meant to be a family- one where there are lots and lots of place only for love.
  3. You always need to have your backup plan ready. No matter how steady and fool-proof Pan A is, working out on a Plan B is something, you must not skip in any case. Thank Percy Jackson later, but a Plan B is a savior and works like a miracle when Plan A falls flat on its face due to any reason.

Even if you have an illness or ailment –(Percy had dyslexia and ADHD)  doesn’t mean you’re weak – everyone has a hero in them, and you have to just awaken this hero within you when the time calls. Being brave takes a lot of courage – and nothing can be used as an excuse if you are not able to

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