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Things to know about Percy Jackson and the Olympians video game

Things to know about Percy Jackson and the Olympians video game

Percy Jackson is the most beloved series which is based on mythological Greek characters. It is based on the plot of Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief and it feels a bit like a survival game.

The plot it is based on can be describes as: A fourteen-year boy, get to know in the middle of not so good going life, he is the son of Greek God Poseidon and Sally Jackson. Once he gets an idea of who he is, he gets to know about his protector and heads towards the camp for demi-gods. When he almost reaches the camp, a monster attacks and apparently kills his mother. He eventually gets to know; his mother is alive but is in the possession of God of the underworld Haden. He also gets to know, somebody has stolen the most powerful weapon amongst all god, lightning bolt from the Greek God Zeus. Zeus accused Percy Jackson for stealing the weapon. The theft starts leading to a war which could result into end of the world and Olympus. In order to stop the war and saving his mother, Percy takes off on the quest to find the true thief and bring back the bolt to Lord Zeus and end up the war.

The game is based on the same plot. There are few things you must know about the game;

  • The plot of the series to achieve the goal. The plot can be referred from above mentioned paragraph.
  • The player has an option to form a group of three members where Percy is the irreplaceable character. Each character is defined with a weakness, but Grover has none. All the six characters have certain moves which can be implied and used at the points marked in the map. They are learned with succession of levels.
  • There are certain circles shown which represent certain things. Yellow circle has the narration of the story which needs to be referred time to time. The grey one involves two swords which represent battles to improve the game. The brown one represents the combats which are more complicated than the grey battles.
  • One has to gain experience with each battle and must win them to gain the points. The points can be distributed for accuracy, dodging, protection and strength. They can also win the drachmas which improve the ability and power of the character.
  • Once the player starts the game, they land upon certain circle. If they land up on the grey one, they can initiate the move else the opponent would initiate. Every move that the player chooses to fight in the battles is depicted by a bar which intensify the moves according to the label shown on the screen.
  • There are also some special moves called Teamwork attacks which can only be improved if the specific bar is full.
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