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Details about the cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Details about the cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Percy Jackson series of novels was so popular that it had to be adapted into a movie! And a full-fledged film dedicated to our favorite novel series out there was like a dream come true. After all, Percy Jackson was such a marvelous piece of literature that it had to be made available in whatever medium of communication possible! And hey, are you even aware of the star cast of the Percy Jackson movies? Well, well, we’ve got details of the cast right here- read on!

The first question that opens in your mind – who portrayed Percy! Right? Well, Logan Lerman perfectly fit in the bill to play the half-Greek God half human portrayal of Perseus Jackson. While he made his debut in the year 2000, he bagged this role in the year 2009, when the plan to make a movie based on the book finally materialized. And till date, despite doing multiple movies after the Percy Jackson movies, he is still known for his role as Percy Jackson!

Annabeth – Percy’s love interest at who’s sight Percy would turn pink (cheeks and neck!) was played by Alexandra Daddario. Annabeth was the demi-god daughter of Athena, the Greek Goddess. And this dashing lady dreamt of being an actress at the age of 11 and had bagged her first role by the age of 16. But yes, the name and fame she earned by being a part of Percy Jackson was so much – that even she is most known for her role as Annabeth.

Percy’s protector, a satyr, was Grover Underwood whose character was nailed to the point by Brandon Jackson.
Kevin McKidd portrayed Poseidon, the God of seas, earthquakes, and horses and also Percy’s father – he had a pretty significant role in the book as well as the movie.

Apart from these main characters, the other important characters were those of greed Gods and demigods – who were friends and acquaintances of Percy and his family.

Among these were Zeus – the king of the twelve Gods of Mount Olympus was played by Sean Bean. Erica Cerra played the role of his wife, Hera.

For the role of the demigod son of Hermes, Luke Castellan, actor Jake Abel was cast.
The character of Sally – Percy’s mother, was portrayed by Catherine Keener, and Joe Pantoliano played the role of Percy’s step-father Gabe Ugliano.

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